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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gummi Bears, Collectors and the Joys of 2012

Is there anything less sexy than gummi bears?  And do not try to get me pumped on the glycerine-free or bio-varity either.  Gummi bears do not work for me.  I hide them from the kids.  So please stop putting them in my mailbox.  There are lots of other things that fill me with joy when I find them in my mailbox: postcards from far away places, money, theater tickets, whisky truffes from Schiesser, Krischmagroonli from Gilgen and most things homemade.  Sadly, by forces which will remain nameless,  I now have started a clandestine collection of gummi stuff, which is getting harder and harder to hide from my children: gummi cola bottles, gummi skeletons, gummi race cars, gummi-organic-bears, and something called "sour rings" also originating from the gummi family.  Rather than start a museum, I would like to donate my collection to the next student production I work on.
If you want to do something that would fill me with joy, go see "Das Kind von Noah"  by Eric Emmanuel-Schmitt now playing in German in Theater Stok, Zürich.  It's a beautiful story about, guess what? A collector.  It is a story of empathy and courage, put on by Theater 58, directed by Elmar Schubert, starring Bodo Krumweide, Pascal Jordan and Stefan Kollmuss, Costumes by me; they travel all over Switzerland.  So instead of putting gummi-things in my mailbox, here are the dates:
Mi. 25.01.12 20.00 Zürich, Theater Stok
Do. 26.01.12 20.00 Zürich, Theater Stok
Fr. 27.01.12 20.00 Zürich, Theater Stok
Sa. 28.01.12 20.00 Zürich, Theater Stok
So. 29.01.12 19.00 Zürich, Theater Stok
31 31.01.12 20.00 Hechingen D, Stadtsaal
Fr. 10.02.12 20.00 Uster ZH, Qtopia
Sa. 11.02.12 20.00 Uster ZH, Qtopia
Do. 08.03.12 20.00 Thun, Alte Oele
Sa. 17.03.12 20.00 Klosters GR, Kulturschuppen

For more information:  Theater 58 website
And by the way, happy joyful 2012,

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