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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mimi Marquez has not paid Rent for a year

This character in RENT incorporates a feeling which many expats are plagued by: "If I hadn't left my homeland for the fair and gray beaches of Switzerland, I might have ended up a recovering drug addict, HIV positive, who fell in love with a Roger, because he has the same baggage as mine.  And I would NOT have lived happily ever after in New York."   Instead, many an American woman married a Swiss man named Roger, switched her name to Meier and called it a day.   By the way, her smile reminds me of someone.  In Semi-circle's upcoming production of RENT, she's being played by Sarah Kappeler.  I hope Mimi speaks to you as she speaks to me.  Dearest Readers she is known to be, "clad only in bubble wrap", which sets my little costume mind going.  She also has no physical baggage, which is good, because I wouldn't want her to choose a crocodile skinned bag.

Mimi Crocodile

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1 comment:

  1. Yeah, you could be a Mimi. You would wear the bubble wrap well!
    Alas, I guess I identify more with Mark Cohen.
    Did you make the collage?
    Lady MacB.