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Monday, April 11, 2011

My list of four letter words or Mrs Crocodile gets mad, again...

The anger department: not being so well endowed, and speaking with a funny accent, Mrs Croco cursing always sounds comical.  Bad words, don't quite roll, but somehow, accidentally, drool off the tongue, past my mean looking teeth and out of the corner of my lips.  Maybe you have this problem, too.  I liken it to an Englishman ditching "bloody" and replacing it with the "f-word", which should never be done.

Faithful readers from the embryonic stages of my blog will remember a time when I waxed lyrical about cutting up fabric or used a chain saw to get aggressions out.  Sadly, people have been asking me to make stuff with my hands rather than destroy it, so I'm forced to blog to cut up language.  Like fabric, utterances are pliable and unlike fabric you don't have to sweep up the schnipples of the loose words after you write.  So feel free to imagine me standing in the middle of a picturesque, quiet, not just neat, but orderly Swiss street, belting this out: "GO AN' SHOE YOURSELF THEN!" (an utterance which is not all four letter words, but I took the "d" off "and" so you can divide it by four).  Now you try it.  It helps.

I hope this gets you somewhere in the anger department today.  While we are on the subject, "cutting up fabric" is not a four letter word, but TEAR is.  Oh and the picture up top is of the NANOs that Alla and Kazam banged up with a hammer.  Is that FAIR?  They were not even angry, just curious.
So here I am again, ripping at the seams of a project that never should have been SEWN! at midnight.
Mrs Crocodile

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