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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maureen rhymes with colleen

There's a little bit of Maureen in all of us, non?  Maureen rhymes with colleen (lower case), cause she playful and a girl (lower case, get it?) and going out with girls and guys and Mark and Joanne can't take it anymore, which is why they dance the tango.  Logic?  No!  Maureen lets it all hang out.  Maureen "will sing native American tribal chants back wards through her vocorder, while accompanying herself on the electric cello-which she has never studied."  And she'll make you "moo"!  Maureen will be played by Denise Lutz in Rent in Basel.

Yours, licking the lips which chowed on the cow that jumped over the moon!
As always, Ms. Maureen Crocodile

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  1. "Where'd you learn to tango?" Yep, there's a dance in all of us. And it's not weird...not so weird...

  2. Dear Jo Ann,
    Would that be Jo Ann as in Joanne Jefferson? Or are we talking from years of personal experience here?
    Mrs Crocodile