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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Exhilarated Exhibitionist

Wow!  You're back!  How lovely to have you!  And now I've hit the first of my blogging realizations and a long list:
1) You readers all of the sudden think I'm an exhibitionist (funny this information is not new to me)
2) You readers I haven't heard from in years are saying stuff I don't remember (but am delighted to hear)
3) You readers I talk to everyday are getting worried (don't)

4) Comment moderation is exactly what this blog is about, cutting stuff up that once was might have been good and putting it back together in the search for meaning (Breathe, woman and comment please, people).
5) I am spending an enormous amount of time here, to the detriment of completing other things like taxes, the dishes, paying bills, writing in my diary, seeing friends in real life, filing, sewing and even cutting stuff up.
So today I have decided not to procrastinate and rather than do the stuff on the to do list, post a picture of myself and revel in the exhibitionism my friends were always warning me about.  This is a picture of a top I made recently: the sleeves come off and can be either a skirt or a ruff or sleeves again and the top is just a top.  I loved this ruffly fabric when I first saw it and it's really very stretchy. In that vein, it is always fun to pull at something like a rubber band and let it boing back.  It is just plain good old fun to have items of clothing that you can shoot around the house when you're not wearing them.  If I was daring enough I could even compare that to relationships, because when you think about it, there's always something boinging back your way or you shoot it and it misses its target.  Having been daring enough to say that I now go back to the practical: the top was an idea for a pattern that I had in my head for years, but never accomplished till now.  And why?  Because I found excuses!  There are no more excuses, just doing and being and have a great day!!  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the trees are greener and fuller and Spring is luscious!
Mrs Crocodile


  1. i comment...i i i

  2. Yes! Thank you shotfun! And anyone with a name like yours must be the right amount of exhilarated too!

  3. Shotfun, you just beat me to the comment punch.