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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Keep Your Friends Forever, Seal Them in Plastic, Part Three

Oh the trouble with beautiful things!  One day something is beautiful and the next day the same thing just annoys me.  Yesterday I put a collage up on the blog, today, I go back to the drawing board and in this case, I'll make a new collage on the kitchen table.  Actually, in the last post I was too certain.  Too certain that the collage would be liked and too certain that Sea, Sun and Sand is all we need.  And I contradict myself:  if my readers really knew me they would know that I can't stop fantasizing about moving into a tree house like in my post Chez-moi, but I deal daily with the battle to have beautiful objects around me and to reduce things to a minimum.  Here in this picture Ella is wearing a quilt, in fact an old friend I should call it.  Who knew I had so much red around me?  A maternity blouse offered lots of silk, a long red skirt some wool crepe, flannel from a dress I made for my niece, washable maroon wool from a chair that I re-covered.  The golden green was from a wall hanging that was once one piece but it is obviously now two.  Making the backing deep purple was Chris's idea, which made the whole thing very luxurious.  I like to give new life to things which once held meaning: one more way to keep my friends sealed in plastic...smile, smile.
Enjoy this for today,
Mrs Crococdile

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