Welcome to the swamp! Things are really cleaned up around here. Come with me as I travel Switzerland and the Rhine on my SUP.


Doubt, a Parable, directed by Andy Tobler, Schönes Haus, Basel, 2011.  Stage designed by Andrea Rickhaus who also took these pictures.  Costumes: Colleen Dunkel:
Frederic Anklin as Father Flynn and Stephanie Nemeth-Parker as Sister James
Stephanie Nemeth-Parker, Sister James and Meredith Kennedy as Sister Aloysius
Frederic Anklin, Stephanie Nemeth-Parker and Meredith Kennedy
Frederic Anklin and Meredith Kennedy
Meredith Kennedy and Sharon Harris as Mrs Muller
Stephanie Nemeth-Parker and Frederic Anklin
Sharon Harris and Meredith Kennedy
Meredith Kennedy and Frederic Anklin
Meredith Kennedy and Stephanie Nemeth-Parker