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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Neue Hobbys Braucht das Land!

Bern is a quaint seaside resort in the middle of a land-locked country.  Here's what I have in my bag I'm taking to Bern: beach chairs, volley ball net, sand, bonfire, tent, sleeping bag, sand, towels, dirt, water bottles, beer cans, sun hat, sarong, sand, badminton rackets, birdies, wind-breaker, cut offs, roller blades, soccer ball and sand, tennis shoes, camera, computer, frisbee, script, notes, cob-webs, picnic blanket, inflatable boat, oars, apron, armbands and sand.  Sounds like a day off, n'est-ce pas?  You have no excuse not to visit!  Neue Hobbys Braucht das Land! is an original production written (in German), directed by and starring Michael Steiner, Andy Tobler and Katrine Veith.  The three grapple with starting a free-time association and their different hobbies with enjoyable and adverse déroulement.  FYI: I'm doing the props and costumes so I think it's appropriate here to say thank you to all my friends and neighbors who generously helped contribute with the offer of the things they were going to give to the Salvation Army anyway.  Thank you!

In the Keller Theater of the Schlachthaus in Bern, it premieres this Wednesday and only plays four nights: 11-14 April.
More info at the Schlachthaus website here:
Neue Hobbies Braucht das Land!
Wish you were here,
Mrs Crocodile

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