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Café Brel

Café Brel, Basel, 2010, an homage to the singer songwriter Jacques Brel, where the audience sipped vin rouge around lovely little bistro tables and swooned over Brel's songs in French, English, German and Flemmish. Directed by Krista Jaquet, produced by Upstart Entertainment, costumes by Colleen Dunkel.  These fantastic pictures were taken by Sascha Cretien.
Lena Tamini, Nina Meier-Bradlin and Marianne Böhler
Nina Meier-Bradlin, Marianne Böhler, Christine Archer and Norman Koeth
Lena Tamini
Marianne Böhler
Andrew Fernandes, Norman Koeth, Lena Tamini and audience singing "Das Bier"
Marianne Böhler in "Amsterdam"
Lena Tamini, Marianne Böhler and Dani Demuth
Norman Koeth