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Friday, September 30, 2011

Do you have ivy in your underpants? Or are you an Ivy League fairy?

Next time I do a show with fairies in the woods I want them all to be wearing these special leaf suits.  I think it would look particularly stunning on the men, don't you?  Admit it, haven't you dreamed your whole life of wearing a green spandex leotard and walking around with a bunch of leaves sewn into it?  Seriously, guys don't be alarmed. Camouflage is an accepted pattern for much of men's clothing-this is just taking it to another level.  When you think about it, warriors, hunters and soldiers have been wearing some kind of camouflage since the all-mighty split up the turf in the Garden of Eden.
The poor "man"-nequin in the picture has these ivy leaves nailed onto his styro-foam, headless shape.  But that's okay, I can only assume that being headless and styro-foam might add something to the camo effect and the show I'm costuming in my mind.  It would be good too if the actresses could carry these headless guys around as props and talked to them, right?  I may be deluded in my take on it, but I like it like that.  Come to think of it, I'll take a whopping helping of delusion any day over a plain old reality sandwich.
Mrs Croco
PS These mannequins live at Parfumerie Haycinth in Basel, Switzerland

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Monday, September 19, 2011

"There's no place like home..."

There's no place like home, except of course if you can go out to a musical dressed up all snazzy-like; Mrs Crocodile asked musical fan Simone Jaccoud of Basel, Switzerland about her look for the Rocky Horror Picture Show:
Mrs Croc: "What are you wearing?" 
Simone: "Black and white polka dot dress and butterfly brooch, H&M;
"Dorothy, the Wizard of Oz" shoe necklace, online shop, home-made stuff, USA;
Feather Earrings, feathers in hair, black gloves, black handbag, Claire's Accessories, Basel;
Leggings with roses, Coop/Nulu, Basel;
Ankle boots, you young convoy: www.eboutic.ch half price;
Heart Balloon, Blume 2000, SBB Basel, Central Train Station."

Mrs Croc: If you could wear anything in the world regardless of cost, time period etc., what would it be?  Simone: "The real sparkly red shoes Dorothy wore in the Wizard of Oz."

Mrs Croc: Me Too!  Because there's no place like my Home (page)!  Thanks Simone!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Crocodile Skin Peeling...Restructuring

"Buckle up that seat belt!  Let's take a ride and see if Mrs Crocodile is back!" said the woman with apple fritter eyeballs who drives like a bat out of hell because she has a tea cup glued to her right hand and a designer armchair as a mouth.  Her cousin in the back seat whose mouth is where her eyes should be says "Great! The engine has no gas but we'll see how far we can get coasting." 
Dear Readers, Just back from the Mrs Croco skin-peeling, and restructuring the subconscious of a reptile--which takes longer than you might think, and other busy-ness stuff.  I hope you enjoyed your little blogiday from
Yours truly,
Mrs Croco