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Friday, September 30, 2011

Do you have ivy in your underpants? Or are you an Ivy League fairy?

Next time I do a show with fairies in the woods I want them all to be wearing these special leaf suits.  I think it would look particularly stunning on the men, don't you?  Admit it, haven't you dreamed your whole life of wearing a green spandex leotard and walking around with a bunch of leaves sewn into it?  Seriously, guys don't be alarmed. Camouflage is an accepted pattern for much of men's clothing-this is just taking it to another level.  When you think about it, warriors, hunters and soldiers have been wearing some kind of camouflage since the all-mighty split up the turf in the Garden of Eden.
The poor "man"-nequin in the picture has these ivy leaves nailed onto his styro-foam, headless shape.  But that's okay, I can only assume that being headless and styro-foam might add something to the camo effect and the show I'm costuming in my mind.  It would be good too if the actresses could carry these headless guys around as props and talked to them, right?  I may be deluded in my take on it, but I like it like that.  Come to think of it, I'll take a whopping helping of delusion any day over a plain old reality sandwich.
Mrs Croco
PS These mannequins live at Parfumerie Haycinth in Basel, Switzerland

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