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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One of the nicest things you could say to some artistic types is this: "I really like how you think outside the box."  Be careful it might come out sounding like a pick up line.  I'm willing to bet my hard earned artistic cash, that most of our thinking occurs physically outside of boxes, on long walks, in the swimming pool, going up or down mountains, attached by the feet to long flat sticks called skis, gazing out of train windows, even inside of our shoebox abodes.  Here are some of the initial ideas for some Shadow Box moods and costumes, they didn't always fit in the little boxes.  Insert emoticon here ______.

The Shadow Box Collage Rendering: Brian, Beverly and Mark
The Shadow Box Collage Rendering: Joe, Steve and Maggie
The Shadow Box Collage Rendering: Agnes and Felicity

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  1. You read my mind. Just this morning I thought, "My brain is totally overloaded. I need to go for a walk." An empty mind is a good thing-for those of us who are claustrophobic and don't like boxes.

  2. Oh yes, take a deep breath and empty your mind, then I can read it more easily...

  3. So true about thinking while outside of a box. When I'm on a hike/walk in the woods, I suddenly realize how I'm thinking things over as if I'd not been thinking the whole time I was in the city. Maybe our inner thought process is like a Jack-in-the-Box. Gotta crank the handle and set it free sometimes!

  4. So that's what it was, my crank broke off this week...