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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Childbirth is painful, other births less...

Chicken wire is murder to sit in for long periods of time.
If somebody asks me: "Do you have a hobby?"  I don't like my answer because "Cutting stuff up into little pieces" comes out sounding mental.  This is why I'd like to express a very big THANK YOU to everyone who came to the Schleiferei last night to eat together and midwife the birth of my characters in the story of Frau Herta Hunderthosen.  Actress and Director Nicolaia Marston read the voices of the characters, Producer Andrew Fernandes cooked the best grub this side of the Ganges and the Salon was organized by the delightful Costume Designer Eva Butzkies.

Everyone said incredibly nice things about my passion for cutting stuff up and thoroughly encouraged me to continue.  It's times like these when having the creative bug, a pair of scissors and a whole heap of poor hungry creative friends is wildly worth it.  And get this: nobody thought I was mental!

Not many people actually ask me if I have a hobby.  I encourage you to ask this question more often.  Repeat after me:

"Hi!  I'm (fill in the blank).  Nice to meet you!  What are your passions?"  Now go ask everyone at the next bus-stop.

Frau Herta Hunderthosen is born.  She is passionate about dresses.  Goodness knows I've got to DO something with her.

Stay tuned...
Mrs Crocodile

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