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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cutting stuff up and putting it back together just excites me

I have just discovered that I have a fetish! Cutting up a creation that was once dear to me and putting it back together to make something else in the name of getting my aggressions out, is the most thrilling thing I've done since, well, the first time I wore no underpants to my next door neighbor's house and I was five.  And I was already cutting up loads of stuff back then, but my parents didn't allow me to have such nice scissors.  I'm telling you I have finally discovered that yes I do have a fetish and yes I am proud of it even if sadly the end result has nothing to do with the feeling or the process of catharsis achieved.  And that is when I have a pair of very shiny, very sharp scissors who whisper 'swish' but not 'Swiss' to me in my hands as I open and close them.  The little metallic snap that they make at the end, which is most definitely the most seductive of sounds, sends me to higher heights.
I know it's mad, but I needed some explanation for this picture.  Rather than the truth of what really went on inside of me that day, here is a pillow that I made but I can't even put it with the other 21 throw pillows on the day bed, because the questions, five-year-olds ask are just not ready to be answered by me today.  Truth be told:  It was a quilt I made for a man I saved myself for and a time when I thought I really could sew all that stuff back together and have it all in a neat little place.  As life would have it, nothing is neat, not even the clean lines a pair of scissors makes as they cut through something new fresh and unspoiled.
Hope you are enjoying unspoiled beauty today,
Yours and watch out for my right hand,
Mrs Crocodile


  1. i think i was 17 when you made a backpack out of an american flag. i think it was supposed to be mine and you ended up keeping it. im not sure. i think i drank and partied a little too much back then

  2. You? Drinking and Partying? Me cutting up flags? No, never. Well, actually, Yes! Yes! Yes! Very much so and thanks so much for this comment, I may have just cut up the flag but never finished your backpack. I just realized my fetish could revisit flags. Now that was a feeling, being 18 and cutting through an American flag, let me know if you're still waiting for your backpack Shotfun...

  3. uh, thats another one of those burned images. its not like i came froma family of flg wavers, its just that i thought you werent supposed to cut those things up. but within a year of that i pissed on one and burned one in front of a marine. thanks....how you say? douche

  4. (The captcha word for that last post made me laugh hysterically: UNDIES!)

  5. Sara (3, almost 4) likes scissors, too, but she cuts her hair with them. And Luisa (just turned 6) cut up the sleeve of Sara's sweatshirt recently. Shall we send them to you for some scissor-training?

  6. We could all use a little more 'undies' on our blogs, or we could undie right here and now, since we're headed there anyway. And no, don't send your kids to me for scissor training I just cut stuff up because after the schnupper kick boxing I was totally worn out: Catharsis should be more invigorating. Oooh, but you know Andrew, I can follow all of what's going on through Luisa's head as she cut up the sleeve on that sweatshirt, smart girl you've got, woman after my own heart.