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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Keep Your Friends Forever, Seal Them in Plastic, Part Two

The last post was flimsy in comparison.  In this second edition of "Keep your friends forever..", I would like to present to you 'the jeans quilt'.  After making this quilt with all of Bernard's old jeans that didn't fit him anymore, I stayed in bed for a few days to recover.  But not under that quilt because it came out so very heavy, about ten kilos or about the weight of eight pairs of men's jeans size range from 34-36, long.  I don't know everything he did in those jeans and honestly I didn't want to know.  But the fun was had in making it.  There are at least 12 pockets where you can hide things you want to have access to later, which could come in really handy, I mean when does anyone have a pocket in bed?  And wasn't this invention just waiting to happen? 
And this is a side point but probably the most important part of it:  I have made a quilt for every major event in my life.  I suppose you could call it a kind of personal commemoration.  The year I made this quilt was a productive year: I made two.  And the year before that I repaired a white one with lots of blood colored fabric and last year I cut one up into little pieces.  And now I'd better stop and let him comment on this one before I put my foot in it.  Or lose something else in the many pockets or even get crushed under the weight of eight pairs of jeans. 
Yours, with jeans on, and it's still Spring,
Mrs Crocodile

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