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Friday, April 2, 2010

Colors for 'Closer', the play now in Basel, 2

Is it me or are the best things in life coincidences? A woman gets into a car wreck and meets the man of her dreams.  A man walks a different way to the library, meets an old acquaintance, who buys him lunch and offers him a new job.  An actress takes her pink bag to rehearsals, it sets off the colors for a whole scene.  A scene full of 'You didn't fall in love, you gave into temptation'.  And 'Please don't hate me.'  'It's easier than loving you.'  I know some people probably hate this play, and yes loving it is hard, but you will come around once you've seen it.  It will grow on you and you will find yourself trying to remember lines that resonated because there was something related to your relationship, marriage, break-up, and life.  Because the closer we come the farther apart we are.  And going back to coincidences:  Somehow all of these people meet on a mere coincidence, and the plot unfolds.  Just see it.  Saturday is the last night.

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  1. It sure was excellent. You did the costumes, right?