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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Colors for 'Closer', the play now in Basel

If you haven't seen the play in Basel yet called 'Closer' you will, you should, you must. Two and a half weeks before the show opened, they asked me, "Hey, Colleen! Could you do the costumes?" And I thought, "You know what? I'm just about crazy enough to say yes". So I said, "Yes!" And in two weeks, the actors, the directors and their significant others as well as myself had pilfered all the closets we could in Basel without losing friends to come up with a whopping 48 costume changes for 12 scenes.

In this picture with Anna and Dan played by Stephanie Nemeth-Parker and Josh Malik I am particularly proud of the flowers on the dress being mirrored by the bunch of roses in Dan's hands. The other colors are sober and reflect the mood at the end of the play. And the bald head in the way was not part of the overall concept for the play's colors. Just go see it. I hope you notice the subtle use of colors, as well as the scar I made and I know you will thoroughly enjoy the acting and the script as 'Closer' is being hailed as one of the best plays of the nineties.
Enjoy, yours, for now,
Mrs Crocodile
PS 'Closer' was written by Patrick Marber. This production has been put on by Upstart Entertainment, Basel, directed by Andrew Fernades and Esmeralda Hernandez and also stars Mimi Myrick and Dany Demuth. Check out the upstart entertainment website for tickets: www.upstart-entertainment.ch

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