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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A blog is like writing an e-mail to yourself...

Hello! And welcome to the world of Mrs Crocodile! House wife that got sickened from bringing home the bacon and frying it up in a pan is now biting back and has turned to the world of blogging. Yes, get worried, there are not many crocodiles who can cook and there are even fewer reasons for crocodiles to write. Oh great just a few sentences and this sucks I can hear you saying, and who the hell is this Mrs Crocodile anyway? And you're about to lose it before you click off to another blog and I can understand you...it's not that, stay awhile, make yourself at home here. I am, after all, a whiz at entertaining, in fact it gets better when you have realized it's pretty much never about the food, but about the conversation. I mistakenly thought that for much of my life and there are foodies out there who will completely disagree with me. No. I disagree. A good dinner party or brunch is about conversation. And a good blog is entertaining. Therefore a blog is a lot like a dinner party. This blog is about re-invention. About my process of re-inventing myself and my surroundings if you will, every few months. The reasons? 1) I can't sit still for very long 2) I can't keep the couch in one place in the living room for very long, which may be why I can't sit still for very long 3) I can't actually keep a job for longer than two years, which may have something to do with the fact that I can't sit still and the couch is constantly moving back and forth. So this blog is about how I'm going to re-invent myself to become who I always wanted to be. Who will I become? Probably the person I always was in the first place or if I change so drastically, I'll probably be longing for the person I was, but not quite. Less about invention, I know the path will lead to the contentedness level of the person I have invented that I will continue to call me. Are you still following? And who else out there is in the process of re-inventing himself or herself. I'd love to hear from you. Here is who I have been: cleaner, waitress, seamstress, costume assistant, English teacher, play-group leader, translator, proof-reader, writer, internet assessor, etc. Here is who I would like to become: me. The difficulty is in finding which one of those things I can be me with and still be me, oh and by the way, find a way to buy bacon once in a while. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Otherwise this blogging thing is going to become a lot like praying to God in that I never know if he or she is actually listening, I am just writing the e-mail to myself, hoping that there's someone out there who says, hey, that's how it is for me. So before I get on my knees and press my hands together, bowing my head, give me a sign, people, give me a sign, that there is a way to be me and still bring home the bacon or it could even be a kind of imitation bacon, that's okay, too.

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  1. I love being many MEs. Not just limited to one. I still wrestle with the thought of whether all these MEs are "really" me, but I like them all so I guess it doesn't make a lot of difference if I figure out if only one is ME. Actually, I think being only one Me would be boring.
    When I didn't question bringing home the bacon was possible while doing what I enjoyed and contributed to the world, bacon and eggs just appeared. Sometimes I had to do to just eggs and not indulge in bacon though...