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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


"Your perfect home would be a tree house, high on a hill somewhere with a view to the sea." Well yes, for once I had to agree with that. Even if a tree house sounds kind of cramped, the appeal of dropping all of my stuff, or rather giving it to a thrift store whose volunteers are lovingly selling old wares to make money for their favorite charities, like my 90 year-old grandmother still does. Yes, having no possessions and moving into a tree house sounds appealing. I cannot say how the sewage might work in tree houses or how one heats up coffee in the mornings, but in my fantasy this doesn't matter. All that matters is breathing in the smell of the green and knowing the ocean is not far away.
I made this collage in the process of moving if you can believe that. Actually it is made out of tons of old papers I didn't have the heart to bless the thrift shop with. The golden house is cut out from a poster, the Kiss by Gustav Klimt, which should tell you right there about my little play house fantasy, the trees and flowers around the house are cut out from glossy picture books I have collected. If you look in through the front door you see fireworks. Yes! Fireworks! In through the windows, you see the sky.
So with this latest post, I give you Chez-moi! An approximation of the tree house fantasy and how if you really think about it you need a lot less than you think. I'll let you know if I find the tree house and when I do, maybe you could tell me how to fit all my stuff for collages in it.
Yours, enamored by the sensation that the trees are about to burst open in celebration of Spring and nature's fireworks,
Mrs Crocodile


  1. Wow, i Love it! Can i come to visit in your tree house (eventually). I promise not to bring too much stuff! Besides, we'll be out on the rooftop deck most of the time, talkin' and listening to the ocean. Now THAT is heaven.

    Keep up the GREAT work.
    Your devoted follower

  2. You make the cheese and mayo sandwiches and I'll bring the cookies. Meet you there...

    Thanks for your lovely comments.