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Friday, April 16, 2010

Big Walking Feet, Arms Wide Open

This is all I really need: Sun, Sand, Feet and Smile.  Actually not, but I'm trying to convince Chief Cook at Koo-ki Blog that she should take this collage and hang it up on her bare walls.  She asked me for something happy and embracing life and since happy is about all I'm really interested in, well maybe two other things involving keeping the fridge full and staving off loneliness, here it is:  Big Walking Feet, Arms Wide Open.  This collage was completed in October 2009 when I was spending a lot of time driving between Basel and Colmar and missing the sun and the sand of my native California.  This time her shoes match, her body is a crowd of people laying on the beach, her bikini bottom is a gloriously overflowing ham and veg dinner, her bikini top is re-used golden chocolate foil.  Her legs are sugar wrappers.  Her arms, more wrapped around herself than open wide, are a necklace.  Her one eye is the sun in the sky.  I'm not interpreting it for you, just giving you the background in this case: sand.  I just can't figure out if she's just starting off or slowing down.  So what do you think Chris?  Want to put up with her on your walls?
Yours, enjoying the sun yet?
Mrs Crocodile

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