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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Take me or leave me...

There is a special place in my Croco heart for the character of Joanne from RENT.  Imagine in a few years, when Joanne and Maureen have smoothed out the first years' jitters of a new relationship, Joanne will be on the boards of directors of almost every organization campaigning for women's rights in New York City and will therefore be very busy, because she makes lists in her sleep.  Meanwhile Maureen will be a very good artist and business woman.  But for now they are still in the "There-will-always-be-women-in-rubber-flirting-with-me" stage of the relationship.

Joanne does defend herself and say to Maureen: "I'm not a theater person" But yes, you are, my dear Jo Ann (different spelling intentional here), you are more theater than most of us.  And we love that!  In Semi-Circle's production of RENT, Joanne will be played by Ariane Wildberger. 

Now if Mom-Won-One and Mom-Tu-Two don't comment on this post, I will disown them,

Yours, I'm dead serious, and it's almost my birthday!!!
Mrs Croco

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  1. Wellll disowning by one's daughter for my not writing is a new one on me. So here I am still chuckling and a bit confused on what I should write about Take Me. You are right as all too often you are. We are loving your expounding on Rent.
    I can't figure out a couple of things..
    What is "select profile" on which I am to "comment as".Oh, I figured it out.
    What to get you for your birthday, short of flying over there to give you one of my famous hugs. Love, mom

  2. Mom-Tu-Two checking in; test, one, two, three... My question, chica: do you think that la vie boheme, la dolce vita and livin' la vida loca have a lot in common?

    Tis better to burn the candle at both ends than to need someone to light your candle.

    Loved your post. There's no business like show business. Love ya and happy birthday.

  3. Mom-Won-One: glad you can comment bloggy thingys now.

  4. To Mom-Tu-two: Wouldn't you agree that the main differences are style and transportation? Although you might see Angel and Collins getting off a vespa or a out of a fiat 500?