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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Art Basel at the Crocodiles: part 3

The management has taken into account that some readers may find the subject of the Art Basel Spin Off Event, Gallerie Muc, a bit tiresome.  However, the PR department at Mrs Crocodile is undergoing some major managerial shifts, so we ask our followers to be patient as we are in the process of writing up new bylaws and printing new marketing material.  In addition to this, at our AGM, which was held between the hours of 7:30-7:45 last Friday, over a plastic bowl of frosted flakes and long life milk, two of the board members, who were for some reason more awake than the coffee drinking CEO, put a statement forward: "Why do you have to stay up half the night sewing costumes for those other people, when we can't even find our underwear?"  The CEO said she would take the matter up with her PA, who has taken the rest of the week off.

Keep watching these pages for more updates on the state of the ART (at the Crocodiles) and maybe something about RENT.

We remain, yours faithfully,
The office of the CEO

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