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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stone Work

Chances are that we knew a lot more about getting our aggressions out in the stone age than we do now.  I don't mean to say that cave men and women didn't arrive home exhausted after a day of hunting and gathering.  No.  Actually I'm saying that life was rougher back then.  But they didn't have all this other stuff around them to throw around, probably not even scissors (gasp!) to cut things up.  So when they needed to let off some steam, they either went down to the local watering hole and skipped rocks.  Or on worse days, traipsed on down to the nearest rock slide and banged a few rocks on other rocks.  Just the sound must have been exhilarating.

The point I'm trying to make with this post is that everyone even you, me, the cavemen and women we have inside of us, could use a way to get our aggressions out and our rocks off.  This picture was actually taken at the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and to be fair, the floor comes from a time after my cave fantasy, when history was already being written.  And I fear, it was made by slaves.  But I imagine the slave breaking his back, lifting up just one more boulder, seeing the ugly face of the foreman on it and smashing it into bits and pieces.

Which brings me to my next point and a quote I really like by Ms Cherrie Currie of the girl rocker band, The Runaways.  As far as I understood from the article in the New York Times from Monday March 22, 2010, she is now a chain-saw artist and no longer involved in the rock and roll world.  She says about her sculptures made out of wood:  "It's just me, a chain saw and a log and no one's telling me what to do."  With those words, I leave you today, because you just can't cut up that quote to make it any better.
Mrs Crocodile

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