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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cutting up more sentences again...

A wise woman said, "Life is a series of rejections until you get the one."  Well now, finally a phrase I can cut up to relate to all parts of life!  I'm not walking around saying I've found the be all end all sentence for you and me to live life by, no way, no how.  Just found a nice phrase to think about.  Just like the saying, "It's always in the last place you look."  Here it's all a lot more in the looking than the finding.  Of course, when you've found something you could also say "Well that's not really what I wanted anyway."  Or you could stick with it and start looking for the next thing you had on your list.  In this case, my friend and I were talking about auditioning and she said she'd auditioned for over 100 parts in movies and commercials and had managed to get five.  I could relate and thought, well that's it isn't it?  You look, you look, you look, you find, you look, you look, you look, you find, you look.

There is, on the flip side, some one who always gets accepted and the one who always gets rejected, like today when you ordered your coffee without milk, how do you think the milk felt being all left out?  And later, when you decided to walk rather than take the bus to work?  How do you think the number 36 bus felt?  I imagine you must've had the conversation with your feet to okay the subject with them, but did you consult your legs?  Someone is quite likely going to feel left out or in.

This brings me to the point: it's never really about being in or out, but it's about how you are when you realize you are in or out.  Do you wallow in your sorrows?  Or do you spring back?  Do you piss other people off when you are out?  Or do you smother them with so much they can't take it when you're in?

Well, that's it for now, Springing back me is all the way,
Mrs Crocodile

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