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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Things that bring her joy

"Joy, Love, Peace", to which I say "Wonderful.  I want some.  Where do I sign up?"  Here is a lovely link to my friend and chief cook of the koo-ki 'zine, this means she writes it.  http://justkooki.blogspot.com/2010/05/things-that-bring-me-joy.html She's a cool lady and I think you should just bookmark her page or follow her blog or whatever you do when you want to return to someplace you were that you liked.  And I would like to comment on the things that bring joy, but I think you know what they are so I'll leave you with this collage today that seems to bring her hers.  Maybe it will bring her even more joy and then we'll all be skipping around singing "tra-la-la" or even at times lyrically dozing in the blog-o-sphere joyfully writing joy-filled blogs.

This time not just yours but wishing you and yours Joy, Peace and Love,
Mrs Crocodile


  1. I can give you Joy's phone number, but not Peace's, and not Love's.