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Friday, June 18, 2010

Getting in touch with old friends

I opened a suitcase and out popped an old friend. Actually the brown-leather suitcase was crammed full of them. Imagine the smile that creases your lips when the recognition of long lost friend's name suddenly pops out at you from your in-box or face-book. Yeah. Pause a moment there to recollect. Breathe. Let the memory flow back. That feeling of hey! I haven't heard from her in ages! I wonder what she's up to. Then acting on the feeling. Answering the e-mail and accepting the friend request. How nice. Then you get your first e-mail back, she's divorced and as slim as ever, or still married and gained 40 pounds. Who cares? Her picture looks great and suddenly this overwhelming urge comes to find out how the hell she's been these past 5, 10, fill in the blank years. The phone call. No reservations! Just do it. Now is the time. Summer is here, get in contact with that old friend. Contact me! Just because. And I just took out my old friends the summer clothes. So summer can come! For one day I'm not cutting up anything...
Yours, from here,
Mrs Crocodile
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